What are UTM Codes and Why Should I Care?

One of the main things that sets digital marketing aside from, say, a billboard is the ease of tracking users. Google analytics and other analytics platforms allow you to easily see how much traffic your digital real estate receives, behaviors of visitors and even the source of those visitors. Want a clear picture of whether … Continue reading “What are UTM Codes and Why Should I Care?”

MantyWeb Earns Another 5 Star Review From Clutch

“It’s always difficult to find the perfect partner for your project. Often, these projects are stressful and financially draining, so having a supportive team is a must.” That is what one of our recent partners had to say on Clutch. They were not happy with their current website and turned to us for help. After … Continue reading “MantyWeb Earns Another 5 Star Review From Clutch”

MantyWeb Named a Top Developer in 2019

Mantyweb Named a Top Developer in 2019 Online presence is quickly becoming a prerequisite for success, with the most visible firms climbing to the top of their market. We are a team of digital experts, helping our clients develop a robust digital presence, and putting them in full view of their audiences. With an understanding … Continue reading “MantyWeb Named a Top Developer in 2019”

What I’ve Been Reading

Who doesn’t like a curated list? Well, I do. So, here’s my latest. What I’ve been reading online the last couple of weeks. (I’m sticking to articles of value to creative agencies and leaving off the Dilbert cartoons!) The Powerhouses of the Internet are Turning Against Websites – a recent article by Rand Fishkin about a … Continue reading “What I’ve Been Reading”

What Does User Behavior Data Mean For SEO?

SEO experts have been debating the extent that user behavior data affects search engine rankings for the last few years. Recently, at the latest MOZCon event Rand Fishkin, founder and former CEO of Moz and current founder of Sparktoro, said that “Google is now relying on behavioral data that it gets from searchers, Chrome users, Android, … Continue reading “What Does User Behavior Data Mean For SEO?”

How to Optimize Images and Improve Site Speed

Is your website slow?  If so, images could be the problem.  Images are an important part of modern websites, but many photos are huge and not optimized for web usage.  Image optimization can lead to quicker load times, an improved user experience and increased site views. Resizing What size should an image be?  That depends … Continue reading “How to Optimize Images and Improve Site Speed”

What’s the BEST Project Management Software?

If you’ve ever talked with me or read any of my posts about “what is the best…” whatever, you’ll know that I don’t have a lot of religion around tools. I firmly believe the best CMS, or CRM, or accounting software, or email program, or project management software is the one that works for YOU. … Continue reading “What’s the BEST Project Management Software?”