Digital Marketing News From Around The Web

This is a roundup of some of the interesting articles I read the last few weeks that I think you might find interesting as well.

Google January 2020 Core Update Is Live & It’s Big

This week Google is rolling out a new core update. Some people are seeing huge changes in their rankings. We are monitoring the update to determine if there is anything different we need to be doing. Google’s stated goal is providing you with the best quality results it can. We believe it’s best to always keep that in mind by providing quality content and a quality user experience for your visitors.

The big list of Google My Business changes, upgrades and tests in 2019

This is an excellent list of changes to Google My Business (Google Maps), from last year. It is a good read if you need to catch up on all the changes from last year to local search on Google.

Microsoft now allows anyone to create a brand page on Bing

A new feature was announced in Bing that allows you to create your own brand page.  Probably not something many people will take advantage of, but if you are interested in controlling your brand messaging it’s a good idea to check this out.

The 11 Biggest Google Ads Updates of 2019

A good list of some of the the bigger updates to Google Ads in 2019. Some of the changes, like retiring average position and accelerated delivery were not my favorite moves. Google is clearly pushing people towards more automation and AI. It would not be shocking to see paid Google ads completely automated in the next 10-20 years with no option to manage them manually.

10 of the Best Gutenberg Plugins to Extend the WordPress Editor

A good list of Gutenberg plugins from the WPEngine blog. Personally, we think that the atomic blocks and stackable blocks plugins in particular are useful for people that are just getting started using Gutenberg. Of course, if you need a custom block created, give us a call!

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