What are UTM Codes and Why Should I Care?

One of the main things that sets digital marketing aside from, say, a billboard is the ease of tracking users. Google analytics and other analytics platforms allow you to easily see how much traffic your digital real estate receives, behaviors of visitors and even the source of those visitors. Want a clear picture of whether … Continue reading “What are UTM Codes and Why Should I Care?”

What I’ve Been Reading

Who doesn’t like a curated list? Well, I do. So, here’s my latest. What I’ve been reading online the last couple of weeks. (I’m sticking to articles of value to creative agencies and leaving off the Dilbert cartoons!) The Powerhouses of the Internet are Turning Against Websites – a recent article by Rand Fishkin about a … Continue reading “What I’ve Been Reading”

What’s the BEST Project Management Software?

If you’ve ever talked with me or read any of my posts about “what is the best…” whatever, you’ll know that I don’t have a lot of religion around tools. I firmly believe the best CMS, or CRM, or accounting software, or email program, or project management software is the one that works for YOU. … Continue reading “What’s the BEST Project Management Software?”

My New Content Isn’t Showing Up. Now What?

You’ve just posted new content and now it’s not showing up. So what do you do now? Before you contact your developer, there are a few things you should try. Clear Your Built in Caching Plugin Let’s just start here. If your Content Management System has built in caching, either through your hosting or a … Continue reading “My New Content Isn’t Showing Up. Now What?”

Why did my developer recommend _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CMS?

Why did my developer recommend this particular CMS? That’s a question we get a lot, usually when we’re taking over maintenance on a site that has become a headache for the owner. Of course, we can’t read minds so we never really KNOW the answer, but based on years of experience I have some ideas. … Continue reading “Why did my developer recommend _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CMS?”