About Us

Hi. We’re George and Jill Manty, owners of MantyWeb. We started MantyWeb in 2009 when George joined many other technology professionals in the unemployment line. We have six children, and many questioned the wisdom of starting a business at the height of a recession. Nine years later, we couldn’t be more pleased to be a healthy, growing company dedicated to happy employees and happy clients. We serve agencies and small businesses as an outsourced technology partner, providing services from web development to SEO audits and conversion tracking services.

Many of our clients initially come to us at a difficult moment in their business. Something has gone wrong. The contractors they have depended on have let them down. A client has asked for a service they are not prepared to offer in-house. They are growing too fast to keep up with the available workload, and the stress of falling behind is growing.

We have forged many wonderful working relationships out of the stress of difficult moments. It is our goal to be the easiest part of your day. When you think of us, we hope you exhale audibly, knowing the work you have entrusted to us is just taken care of. We want working with us to be not just “okay” – but delightful.

We are located in Cypress, Texas (northwest of Houston), but we serve businesses throughout the United States.

Bigger isn’t always better. Just because you’re smaller doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to compete with the “big dogs.” We increase marketing effectiveness and efficiency through technology solutions in order to facilitate growth-minded agencies and small businesses in serving their ideal customers.

We believe in a world

  • where no matter who you are, you have a chance to prove yourself
  • where individuals are not limited by the circumstances they were born into
  • where each person’s or organization’s individual strengths are allowed to flourish
  • where just being bigger or older or more educated or more privileged does not automatically guarantee more success

We believe in world where fairness and justice prevail, where everyone has a chance to thrive and where we are all better because of our differences, rather than in spite of them.

Reasons to work with us
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You need to deliver your projects on time and on budget.

We’ll help you deliver.

Item no.

You need to support your work after go live.

Bug fixes are included for the first 45 days at no additional charge. And we’re always available to support our sites months or years down the road.

Item no.

You need a white-labeled solution and depend on confidentiality.

Our lips are sealed!

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You need help beyond web development services.

From SEO audits to analytics and conversion tracking, our skills aren’t limited to development.