Who doesn’t like a curated list? Well, I do. So, here’s my latest. What I’ve been reading online the last couple of weeks. (I’m sticking to articles of value to creative agencies and leaving off the Dilbert cartoons!)

The Powerhouses of the Internet are Turning Against Websites – a recent article by Rand Fishkin about a trend we’ve all seen. Google and other properties are no longer sending traffic to your websites. They’re keeping it to themselves. So, what are you doing to prepare for digital marketing if search no longer means what you think it means?

How to Update Your Website to Meet Chrome’s New Security Standards – this one’s super straightforward. More of a “how to” than a “what are we going to do now?”. Basically, Chrome 70 (coming soon to a browser near you) is finishing off the process of discounting the security of certificates issued by Symantec. This has been coming for a while, but read the article to find out the implications and what you can do about it.

5 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Leadership Presence – on a non-technical topic, this one is great if you’re struggling to be heard. Having difficulty getting people to really take you seriously, these are specific strategies that may help. Some will be familiar (we all know posture impacts perception by now, I think, right?), but if even one is new and helps you stand out or stand up for yourself, that’s a win. (And it’s short and easy to read.)

Don’t Fear Chatbots if You Have a Rich Content Strategy:  I liked this article for two reasons. One, it provides really great, actionable strategies regarding how to use your content as part of your chatbot strategy. Two, it is an EXCELLENT example of how you really can write a 2,000 word article without it seeming like just paragraph after paragraph of text. Seriously, if you don’t care about chatbots, read it as an example of long form content done right.

Messenger Marketing Strategies to Streamline Your Automation: And speaking of chatbots (sort of) what about Facebook Messenger? Are you using it? Should you be? Personally, I’m irritated by being contacted through Messenger, unless of course I started the business relationship there. Even so, I don’t read many of the messages that come to me there with commercial intent. But, you know what, I DO see them. I can’t say the same for emails from companies I feel lukewarm about and probably only provided an email address to get something. So, maybe like those dreaded popups, we hate them, but they work.

I’d love to know what you’re reading. Or what you’re writing, for that matter. Have an article I MUST take a look at? Leave it in the comments.

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