Google Analytics

Accurate, quality, data is one of the most important pieces of any marketing campaign. Google Analytics can provide you and your clients website data that can help improve all your marketing efforts. Our Google Analytics certified professionals can capture and analyze the data available from your website. We can manage your analytics account on a monthly basis or work on an hourly consulting basis.

As you know, clients love to see that their marketing dollars are providing returns. With properly captured data and Google Analytics, you can help your clients understand how visitors are finding their site, how people are using their site, and offer actionable steps to make improvements to their marketing efforts. You can show them how the money they spend with you is turning into revenue. Let us help you show them how you’re filling up their sales funnel. Or turning visitors into ecommerce sales.

Here are some of the Google Analytics Consulting Services we offer:

  • Setting up Google Analytics accounts
  • Adding Analytics code to your website
  • Google Tag Manager set up
  • Capturing conversion data and goals
  • Event Tracking
  • Monitoring goals and notifications to make sure your data is being captured appropriately
  • Automating Google Analytics reports
  • Creating custom reports
  • Monthly analysis of accounts
  • Consulting to help you better answer your clients’ questions
  • Marketing Analytics Analysis
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Form Tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Dashboard recommendations & Setup

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Google Analytics Audit and Training

In addition to our standard analytics services we also offer Google analytics audits and training.

Google Analytics Audit

Do you know if your analytics is accurate and providing you the information you really need and want?

Our Google Analytics Audit helps identify issues and provides you with an action plan for fixing them.

The analytics audit includes:

  • Meeting to discuss your goals and analytics needs
  • Analysis of your account to determine if it is providing you the information you need
  • Document with the audit results and the actions you need to take to fix the issues we find

Google Analytics Training

We believe that measuring data is critical for successful online marketing.  We want our clients to review, analyze, and make use of their own data. We will train you on any part of the Google analytics process you need help with. Including setting up your analytics, monitoring your analytics, and analyzing your website data.

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